Ketogenic Diet Bodybuilding Supplements – Top 5 Ketosis Helpers?

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Ketogenic Diet Bodybuilding Supplements, A KETO diet is both tasty and delicious. However, adapting to such a diet can be a bit hard. Going KETO means that you are cutting down your carbohydrate consumption. This will require you to increase your fat intake to make up for it. The high-fat content you will consume will serve as an alternative source of the calories your body requires. Initially, your body relied on the calories from the carbohydrates.

With reduced consumption of carbohydrates, sodium and potassium (which are major electrolytes) are also reduced. You might in turn experience headaches and extreme fatigue. However, to prevent such uneasiness, you might want to consider an electrolyte supplement. Reduced intake of electrolytes and dehydration increases the chances of these symptoms worsening.

Why You Need Supplements!

The stages of KETOSIS can be difficult to successfully go through. Dr. Jacob Wilson in his article, KETOGENIC FAQ, states that with enough consumption of proteins, say above 67-81 grams in a day, you can easily pass through the ketosis stages. This is because the amount of glucose that will be produced will sustain you. You can get fat from various food such as avocado, bacon, and other food with large amounts of cream.

Egg yolks will also be a big help if you can include them as a major part of your diet. However, besides that kind of delicious menu, the adaption process to a KETOGENIC diet is fairly challenging. You might have the urge to quit before reaching the full ketosis stage, which involves pure fat burning.

Thus, you might require some supplements to help you through the process and the induction flu which is commonly experienced when someone first starts this diet. The supplements that can help you get through this beginning phase a little easier include the following.

Changing the source of fuel your body prefers, that is carbohydrates to fat, is a difficult transition to adapt to. It requires dedication and patience. This is because it takes a lot of your time. Similarly, it will come with some uneasiness such as headaches, nausea, and fatigue. Normally, it is referred to as the keto induction flu.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is an alternative source of many of the good fats, which can also be found in MTC Oil. These two types of oils are very different but can be used in similar fashions. For a KETOGENIC diet, seeds and nuts are a main source of fat. MCT oil contains a large number of calories and is a superior source of fat.

Regardless of how you choose to consume this oil, by either taking it as a straight supplement or mixing it with your drink, coffee, or shakes, it guarantees you a large fat replacement. Medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) will provide your body with 14 grams of fat per tablespoon you take.

There is another type of fat that is mostly found in foods. It is called long-chain triglycerides. Compared to the MCT oil, LCT fats are easily absorbed into your bloodstreams allowing the fat to rapidly serve as an alternative calorie source for your brain cells and muscles. Continuous and daily intake will help your process to be less painful.

On the other hand, coconut oil is another reliable source of MCT oil. This is based on the fact it takes 60 percent of its fat content. Many people have found it great to cook with coconut oil because of its high flash point and mild flavor. However, apart from cooking, you can also add some coconut oil to your smoothies, pre-workout shakes, vegetables, chicken, and beef to help in hitting the high fat intake.

The other advantage of coconut oil is that it is able to switch between a solid-state and a liquid state in cases where you store it at or below 76 degrees. If a creamy pudding is included in your diet, you mix your coconut oil with a little amount of water and mix it with your proteins.


Vegetables are also essential in your diet during this process, however high in the intake of fat. There are many vegetables with low carbohydrates that you can eat. However, if you cannot find these vegetables or simply don’t like them, you can add a fiber supplement to your diet. It will help you in regularly feeling full and also help in maintaining a healthy digestive system.

Ensure that you read the labels of the supplements you are buying so as to prevent a higher intake of carbohydrates. Nutrition Fiber 3 is an example of a good fiber supplement and is made of flaxseed, which has a high-fat content and fewer carbohydrates.


Another thing that will need help adjusting to this transition is your brain. It has to adapt to the fact that your body is now running on fats. To combat the slower functioning that you will often experience when you first start a keto diet, you can drink some coffee or take a caffeine supplement. These supplements include pre-workout or fat-burner supplements.

On days where you are having extensive workouts, your caffeine intake will come in handy. To note is that caffeine has the ability to enhance fat breakdown, so it is a fat-loss-friendly supplement

Greens Supplements

When you commit yourself to a KETO diet, you will have to intake a larger percentage of vegetables. Therefore, you should look for ways to ensure that some greens are included in your diet. You can have a low-carb vegetable juice with some cheese or any snack of your choosing.

Ketogenic Diet Bodybuilding Supplements Review Summary

For athletes and bodybuilders, achieving peak conditioning can take a lot of commitment and time. The process can also be painful, especially in the induction stage of ketosis. This is because your body needs to adapt fully to the total lack of carbohydrates in your diet. While many might go through ketosis without using supplements, such supplements are also useful in ensuring that you stick to the whole transition.


Final Result

It is equally important to always make sure that you consult your nutritionist before committing yourself to any supplement. This is so as to find out which supplements will work out for your body. Similarly, visit a reliable store with good quality and trusted products so that you get the best.


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